10 Year-Old Girl In Hospital For Appendicitis Had Been Raped By Her Stepfather

Small girl raped by evil stepfather (Photo:-Sanook)

The stepfather of a ten year old girl is in custody after admitting to multiple rapes.

He said he did it because he needed sex and wanted to get back at the child’s mother.

The case was revealed on Facebook after the little girl was taken into hospital with a severe stomach ache.

She was found to have appendicitis and was given an operation. But suspicious fluid was seen to come out of her vagina prompting doctors to initiate an inquiry.

The girl was reassured and then admitted that she had been raped. She had been threatened by her stepfather not to tell anyone.

Chum, 50, was arrested by Chanthaburi police when he came in to visit his stepdaughter at the hospital.

He has admitted rape saying it started at the end of July and continued every seven to ten days until the latest rape on September 5th.

He said he needed sex and did it for revenge against the girl’s mother.

The girl entered hospital on the 6th and was operated on in the early hours of the 7th.

He has been charged with raping a minor not yet 13 years of age. He also tested positive for drugs with a purple urine test.

He has been detained.

The mother and child are now under the care of a Chanthaburi children’s home.

Times comment:- We have published many sad and disturbing stories but this has to rank as one of the most sickening. I am not an advocate of the death penalty but for this evil piece of garbage I would happily make an exception.


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