Luxury cars seized.

Following a recent story about luxury cars being stolen and brought to Thailand for resale, there have been more significant developments.

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) in cooperation with the Customs Department has impounded 160 luxury cars in less than a week after gaining evidence they imported to the country using falsified official documents.

Among the luxury cars seized for further investigation are 10 stolen luxury cars in the United Kingdom and imported to Thailand and displayed in showrooms in Bangkok.

The seizure of these suspected stolen luxury cars was cooperated by the UK authorities.

In term of import duties, such illegal imports have caused up to three billion baht loss in custom duties.

DSI and customs authorities seized 122 cars from nine showrooms and 38 from six showrooms in Bangkok and the provinces on May 18 and 24.

Most of the vehicles were supercars of well-known brands such as Lambourghini, Rolls Royce, Maclaren and Lotus.

DSI director-general Pol Col Paisit Wongmuang said authorities are coordinating with the automobile manufacturers abroad to provide information on the sales price of each vehicle.

The investigation hopes to uncover any irregularities with the declared tax value, using the original invoice or purchasing price from the manufacturer and compare with the tax paid, he said.

A task force has been established primarily to investigate the extent of the tax evasion and alleged fraudulent businesses as far back as 5 years.

According to DSI, recent report and with shared intelligence with the UK authorities, at least 42 stolen supercars traced back to the UK were smuggled in illegally.

So far, DSI has recovered 10 vehicles, 7 already impounded while the rest are still in progress.

According to authorities, 2 vehicles are believed to have been sold to new owners and another 1 vehicle has also been located, parked in a custom free zone area.



By Juninho