20,000 Baht Compensation For Brazilian Rape Victim-The Unacceptable Face Of Thailand

20,000 bht compensation for woman raped by taxi driver.

Following the story of the young Brazilian model being raped by a habitually offending taxi driver, it has been announced that she has received 20,000 bht in compensation from the government.

The Tourism and Sports Ministry handed the victim 20,000 baht, in addition to paying for her medical and travel expenses.

“I’m truly saddened by the incident, and I thank the police officers who did the hard work to arrest the perpetrator,” Permanent Secretary Pongpanu Sawetrun said.

The Brazilian national hailed a taxi at Don Mueang International Airport on Tuesday to take her to the Thonglor area. The driver, Kamkooncharoen Konchaturat, instead took her to Suphan Buri province where he assaulted her and then fled.

Kamkooncharoen, who was convicted of rape twice before, was arrested on Wednesday and reportedly confessed to charges of abduction and rape.

He remains jailed after a court refused to release him on bail.

The idea of compensation for something that will affect this young girl for the rest of her life is bad enough. But to add insult to injury by giving her such a paltry sum is beyond belief.

It’s the same when somebody is killed, the price put on life here is beyond imagination.

If you have to put a figure on events such as these, at least make them extremely large to give some kind of respect to the victims.

(Source:- Khaosodenglish)

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