7/11 Member Of Staff Claims She Was Given 100bht Instead Of 1000 !

Trouble at 7/11 (photo;-Sanook)

CCTV footage posted to Facebook showed a female 7/11 staffer try to con an elderly woman at one of their stores.

The footage shows the staffer taking a 1,000 baht note and tossing it in a storage area under the counter.

She then sidetracks the customer by telling her that the till is experiencing technical difficulties.

Then she gives change for 100 baht.

The customer is adamant they have handed over 1,000 baht and the old lady is then shown a bunch of 100s in the till, but no thousands.

Another staffer is called to sort out the problem and the till is closed off.

The footage was posted by a friend of the victim who warned people – especially the elderly – to be on the lookout for such deception.

It wasn’t revealed where it happened though according to the date on the CCTV it appeared to have occurred on 21st September.

They also did not report the eventual outcome of the deception or what happened to the staffer.

There was no comment from the owners of 7/11.


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