82 People Killed, 466 Injured On Thai Roads During Holiday Weekend

Photo credit: Daily News
The Thai transport ministry have issued their assessment of accident statistics for the long holiday weekend that has just passed, November 18th to 22nd.
Thaivisa notes that this is just for roads under the jurisdiction of the transport ministry – the accident rate and death toll on all roads will be much higher.
During the period under review 10.68 million people used public transport.
A total of 14.05 million vehicles entered and exited Bangkok. Thirteen million of these were private cars.
There were 455 accidents claiming 82 lives with 466 injuries.
Statistics of at-the-scene road death in Thailand from Daily News showed 220 casualties from 18th to 22nd November.inclusive. Even this figure will not represent all road death as it does not include people who die on the way to and in hospitals.
Photo credit: Daily News
Of these 78.64% were on straight roads with speeding the most likely cause.
Chonburi had the most accidents with 27.
Accidents involving motorcycles were 153 causing 57 deaths and 165 injuries. Lamphun and Nonthaburi provinces both had 11 motorcycle related accidents.
There were 21 accidents involving public transport and trucks. Of these 5 were on public transport, 13 trucks and three involved trains.
Of these there were ten deaths and 22 injuries.
There were no boat or air accidents.
(Source: – Manager Online)

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