Amazing Thailand: Massage Parlours And Spas To Be Used To Quarantine Foreign Tourists


Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that Thailand’s health authorities are pressing ahead with a plan to use massage and spa facilities to quarantine foreign tourists.


Dr Tharet Kratsanairawiwong of the health promotion department said the government had decided to open the country to foreigners again.


And a great way to quarantine them would be at Thailand’s world renowned Thai massage and Thai spa facilities.


The industry is already looking into this and a pilot scheme could start in Krabi in the south of Thailand.


Discussions have already taken place subject to certain restrictions.


For example the places chosen would be away from high population densities.


He expected the scheme to be presented to the various authorities for their approval over the coming month with a decision from the CCSA central committee at the end of that.


(Source: – Daily News)


Times comment.  Surely this is a joke.

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