American held on sex charges.

An American citizen of Korean extraction has been charged with having sex with a minor in Udon Thani. The seventeen year-old girl has not been named for legal reasons.

Police are also investigating whether 57 year old Ryan Jae Song posted videos of his sexual encounters with young women on the internet for sale.

A concerned member of the public called the Udon police to a rented room in Pracha-uthit Road where they found the suspect. He pushed police at the door of his room but they soon gained entry and saw a young girl in a towel on the bed.

A packet of Viagra, a used condom, several unused condoms, lubricating gel, sex videos, sex toys and a computer were taken into evidence.

As the evidence was being gathered the suspect tried to damage the hard disk but only succeeded in hurting his hand.

Police soon saw that the computer had still images and video of the suspect having sex with many young women.

Outside the room police found three motorbikes and a Mira car belonging to the suspect. He told police that he loved Thailand and had been here for three years. Whenever he went to the States he felt lonely.

He usually renews his visa by crossing to Laos.

He said he was running a second hand business selling motorbikes online and in his spare time like to invite girls under 18 to have sex and make videos.

He denied posting them online for sale. He claimed the videos were for his own pleasure.

The girl said that he had been with several of her friends before he moved on to her. She said he gave her 1,000 baht the first time then on four subsequent occasions she was paid 700-800 baht for her services.

Police are alleging that the suspect was indeed making videos for online sale.

However, so far they have charged him with having sex with a girl aged between 15 and not yet 18 without the knowledge and consent of her parents. (rather different to the west)

Charges relating to the computer crimes act may follow later according to police.



By Juninho