Angry Thai Wife Repeatedly Rams Into Cheating Husband’s Car

Wife rams husband’s car

An angry Thai wife violently rammed her car into her husband’s vehicle over and over again on Saturday — something she said occurred only after he did the same to her vehicle — in the wake of an argument in which she allegedly accused him of cheating.

In video footage posted to a popular Facebook page yesterday, a red car can be seen repeatedly slamming into a parked vehicle in Bangkok’s Thonburi neighbourhood as a man pleads for her to stop.

The man in the clip — which, as you’d imagine, went viral in about two seconds flat — is revealed to be the husband’s father. He told local reporters that, before the Saturday incident, the couple had just driven back together from a soccer game in the white vehicle.

An argument reportedly broke out on the way home, causing the wife to angrily leave the car upon their arrival. The infuriated husband, in turn, reportedly backed up his car and hit his wife’s red car three times.

The wife then got in her vehicle and the dangerous game of real-life bumper cars was on.

It is unclear if the husband remained in the car during the collisions.

In the clip, the wife can be heard screaming “my car costs millions ” to her father-in-law, before shouting, “Is this right? Sleeping with other women?” at her husband.

In a phone interview with Amarin TV yesterday, the wife said ,“The clip makes me look like I started it but, if you saw the whole thing you’d understand that he started it. I was angry that he ran into my car like that and scolded me.”

“We’re both in the wrong, but he started it,” she insisted.

Meanwhile, the husband’s father explained to reporters that the couple had been married for three years and that he was not taking his son’s side over the alleged infidelity and sudden burst of anger.

Both parties were taken into the police station and undergone mediation over the incident.

The wife told local media that she is now waiting to see if her insurance company will cover the damages that are “not her fault.” Um … good luck with that.


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