Australian Commits Murder So He Could Send Money To His Thai Mistress

(Image: Herald Sun) Simone pictured right

An Australian man brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend after she lent him money which he sent to his Thai mistress who he met online.

At a hearing at Melbourne’s Magistrates Court on Sunday, Peter Brown, 57, pleaded guilty to murdering his ex girlfriend, Simone Fraser.

Brown told the court how he had racked up $25,000 in debt after he met a Thai woman online and began sending her money.

With his bank accounts empty, Brown contacted Ms Fraser and asked to borrow some money.

She lent him $3000 which he used to send to his Thai girlfriend.

In March this year, Brown arranged to meet Ms Fraser at her home in Melbourne where he said he would repay the borrowed money.

However, after arriving at the property, Brown attacked Ms Fraser beating her over the head with a brick and then a golf club.

He then suffocated her with a plastic bag before placing Ms Fraser’s lifeless body in the back of his car and driving to a campsite some 300km where he buried the body.

“The offender strikes the victim with the brick a number of times initially, grabs a plastic bag and tapes it around her head,” crown prosecutor Kristie Churchill told a plea hearing on Monday.

“It’s at that point he strikes her with a golf club,” she said.

He later tried to use Ms Fraser’s credit card to send more money to his Thai mistress.

At the time of his arrest two days later, Brown was on FaceTime to the Thai woman.

“I destroyed a nice lady, a generous lady. There’s no excuse for what I did,” Brown told police.

“I want to apologise to Simone, I’m deeply, deeply sorry to her family,” he said.

Brown will sentenced at a later hearing.

(Source:-Thai Visa News)

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