Party time at the Bamboo

This Wednesday there is going to be some party at the Bamboo Bar and Restaurant. The Bamboo was the first Bar/Restaurant that opened for foreign nationals (Farangs) in Buriram nearly 20 years ago.

The bar has been in the same ownership for all of those years and we love the place.

This Wednesday September 25th 2019 Bamboo is celebrating with a free Barbecue (A pig Roast) and Buffet.

Dang (on the left) in full voice

The welcome in Bamboo is always fantastic. La and A along with their amazing staff have been there forever and always give us a wonderful welcome.

As normal there will be the, Resident Live Music Duo Performing and they will enjoy inviting some special local guest to sing along with them.

Always a great atmosphere


This will be a special occasion for our wonderful local Bar.

I’m looking forward to seeing all my special friends.