Bargains To Be Had As December Sales Announced


Big sales in December.

The government is to join with wholesalers and retailers, which together have 13,500 branches throughout the country, to reduce prices by up to 80% to help lower consumers’ costs and stimulate the economy next month.

The Commerce Minister said that the Internal Trade Department has been instructed to enter into negotiations with retailers and wholesalers, including hypermarkets and supermarkets , to consider the possibility of holding special sales to encourage spending during December.

The discounts will be given to brand-new products only, not those currently on sale. Products that will be included in the campaign include food and drinks, consumer goods, electrical appliances, clothing and accessories.

Retailers and wholesalers who are expected to participate in the scheme include the Thai Retailers Association, Siam Makro, the operator of Makro cash-and-carry store chain, Ek-chai Distribution System, the operator of Tesco Lotus hypermarkets, Big C Supercenter, Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, Central Food Retail, the Mall Group, Tang Hua Seng, CP All, Foodland supermarket, Aeon (Thailand), Saha Lawson, Central FamilyMart, CPF Trading and TCC Logistics & Warehouse.

So it could be a VERY merry Christmas for everyone !! Happy shopping !!

(source Bangkok Post)


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