Main pond at Barry’s fishing park.

Members of the Buriram Angling club were invited to come and fish the soon to open “Barry’s fishing village” which is to be found about 1km outside Buriram on the Hui Rat road on the left hand side.

Barry is working on building a fishing park with a Thai fishing village theme where he will have a restaurant, a bar and floor level pools from which he will sell live prawns and tilapia.

The village has 7 ponds in total in which he has one of prawns, one of tilapia, one of walking catfish and one with what he described as mystery fish.

The main fishing pond is just over 1 rai, 5 to 6 metres deep and is packed with fish, mainly good sized Tilapia of just under the kilo. There were also plenty of very large Mekong and Chao Phraya catfish crashing about on the surface. Barry says that they are in the 40 to 50 kilo range. The pond also has hampala bard, snakehead and many other species.

Inside the complex.

Barry is intending to open the park with a 2 day competition starting on the 13th of May. There will be 30,000 baht’s worth of prize money with 1,000 baht for the first fish then prizes going for the biggest fish, the first species and the biggest tilapia.

The comp will start at 10.30am on the 13th May and has a 350 baht entry fee for 2 hours. Bait will be supplied at a small charge. For more information please contact Barry on 0898988127.

Barry and his lady wife.

The Buriram Angling Club would like to thank Barry and his wife for their hospitality and wish them every success in the future with the fishing village.

And just in case you were wondering how the fishing went, veteran angler John Noble caught well over 50 kilos of tilapia, well done John!

Report by John MacDonald Angling Correspondent Buriram Times