Batten Down The Hatches: Upper Thailand Braces For Storms, Hail And Drop In Temperature Amid Lightning Warnings


Image: PPTV36


Thailand’s meterological office has warned of major storms coming to the upper reaches of the country starting tomorrow (Sunday 7th) and continuing until Tuesday.


The unseasonal storms will hit the north from Sunday then affect Isaan, the Central region including Bangkok and the surrounding metro area, and the eastern seaboard on Monday and Tuesday.


Thunderstorms packing rain and high winds will arrive and some areas of the north and north east will get hail.


Consequently temperatures will drop between 4 and 6C.


The met office warned people regarding lightning strikes encouraging the population to avoid open spaces, not shelter under big trees and watch out for unstable advertising hoardings.


Farmers were particularly warned to watch out.


(Source: – PPTV36)

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