peacock615 km from Buriram on the way to Sateuk, in an area called Ban Dan, there lies a large temple garden filled with many brightly coloured peacocks.

Nearing a hundred in number, the peacocks are everywhere.

Still a little on the wild side, the peacocks are a touch hard to get up really close to.  However, you can quite easily get within ten feet or so and have a good look at them.

Vibrant with colour and very large bodies, they are totally stunning looking birds. They certainly aren’t small either. Their tails must be as much as five to six feet long in some cases.

Large Bodies and Very Long Tails


Food to feed them and tempt them to come closer is available at the temple.

Having never seen peacocks in flesh before (not that I can remember anyway) I was extremely impressed with the ornithological display.

By One of The Temple Buildings


Once on the road to Sateuk it’s only a fifteen minute drive from Buriram  and as such well worth going to see.

Hiding Away From The Scary Buriram Times People


Running Away


Impressivley Coloured Youngster


In The Woods


This is all in the grounds of a temple where a mummified monk, who died only five years ago, is kept.

Temple With Mummified Monk


This monk was the founder of this temple. He was born in 1922 and lived right up until 2010 making him just two years shy of ninety years old.

Shrine With Mummified Monk


The view from the top of the Temple is not bad either.

View From Top Room of Temple


How To Get There

15km from Buriram on the way to Satuek look out for two very large stone elephants on the right hand side of the road. They are the entrance to the temple grounds. You do go another couple of kilometers along that small country road. However, it takes you straight to the temple.


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