Illegal booze flooding in over the borders.

Following the announcement of new taxes on alcohol and cigarettes due to be implemented in about six months, trade in illegal alcohol and tobacco is booming.

There are more buyers than ever for whisky and cigarettes being sold that have not been subject to proper excise tax.

Many of the spirits are fake products but the people buying up the supplies don’t care – they are only concerned that the products are 20 to 30% cheaper than the real thing.


Smugglers are doing a roaring trade since the tax announcements that are to begin to take effect within the next six months or so.

Chaiya Chanasit an official in charge of the border at Satun was quoted as saying that authorities are on the watch out and they expect an increase in smuggling but that no official figures are available yet.

However, it appears that illegal products are pouring over the border in the north, south and east of the country and that demand is at a high right now.


By Juninho