Big Tax Increases For Motorcycle Riders – Severe Curbs On Second Hand Car Imports

The Thai government has announced big increases in tax on motorcycles from next January.
And there are severe curbs on the way for those that want to import second hand cars into Thailand.
Spokesman Natthaporn Jatusriphitak was speaking after a ministerial level meeting agreed to implement proposals for changes in the tax system on motorcycles from the Finance Ministry.
The new rates will see those with small bikes having to pay 200 baht more to tax their vehicles. Medium sized bikes – including off road bikes – will be taxed up to 1,500 baht more.
This will make tax for some bikes as much as older cars.
It will add 709 million baht to government coffers, said Thai Rath.
Bikes are also set to be taxed under carbon emission regulations that will see cleaner bikes paying less and dirtier bikes paying a great deal more.
Plans are also underway that will hit the import of second hand cars. Vehicles that fall out of guidelines will no longer be able to be imported into and registered in Thailand.
There are some exceptions but by and large it is a blanket ban.
Thai Rath said this would have a huge impact on the importers of second hand cars especially those who import 100 vehicles a year in the luxury end market.
The moves are part of government policy to bring about a 20-25% reduction in gas and carbon emissions by 2029.
(Source: Thai Rath)

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