Bodies Of Missing British Expat And Thai Wife Discovered In Garden

Bodies discovered in garden (Photo:-PPTV)

The bodies of a missing British man and his Thai wife have been found buried in the garden of their home in northern Thailand.

Alan Hogg, 64, from Scotland, and his Thai wife Nott Suddaen, 61, were reported missing from their home in the Phrae province on Thursday.

Bloodstains were earlier found in that the property that someone had tried to clear up.

On Tuesday morning, police confirmed they had found the bodies of the missing couple.

Officers focused on an area of the garden which they first searched on Saturday.

Using excavation equipment, they were able to dig deeper than had been previously possible and discovered the bodies.

The discovery came after police arrested three men who confessed to the murder and told officers where the bodies were buried.

Police say Nott’s brother, Warut Satchakit, was involved in a fued with the couple and paid the three men 50,000 baht have them killed.

Warut was initially arrested over the theft of Nott’s white Ford Ranger but was later released on bail. He has since disappeared.

Mr Hogg, an engineer who had spent some time working in Australia, moved to Phrae several years ago with his wife.

The couple had built a large home which included a swimming pool and cattle ranch.

Times comment:- People often joke that “life is cheap ” in Thailand, but this story proves it is true. 50,000 baht to have two people killed, approximately a mere 17,500 each to the murderers. Scary !

(Source:-Bright TV, PPTV)

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