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First race of the day at Buriram Chang International Circuit was for the Yamaha 300cc R3 Challenge where the near identical machines provided close racing.

Race for Class D2- 300cc and D3- 400cc machines saw Thai female rider Mekkaradkeeta Kalantanada take a fine 2nd for a place on the podium.

The second race was also for 300cc and D-1 400cc machines. This also provided an exciting race with a 400cc winning by 24 seconds but the second, third and fourth riders were only separated by around 3 seconds.

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The 600cc Supersport race, was another exciting race with the winner No 100 Tingnote Thitipong leading throughout the race but still only grabbing the win by 0.2  seconds with the 3rd place rider a further 0.7 seconds back.

Next up was the Superstock 1000 cc machines race which was not so close with the winning distance being 40 seconds but the scraps down field provided some interest for the spectators.

Followed by the SB 1 and SB 2 Super Bike race also for 1000 cc machines with the SB 1 class being the fastest bikes racing today.  The first two had a ding dong battle throughout the race with victory being decided by a bike’s length.

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Last race of the day SB 3 features 1000 cc bikes that are not as highly tuned as the SB 1 and SB 2 bikes but still provide exciting racing for everyone.

Report by Colin and Steve.


3 thought on “BRIC Superbike Championship – Sunday Races”
  1. Nice marketing, I searched the internet for any news about the motorcycle races in Buriram.
    What time do the races start, price of admission. Classes that are racing.
    NOTHING. Congratulations Chiang international motors ports. And you wonder why the grandstands are empty

  2. We at the Buriram Times are in the same situation as the potential spectators, we do not get upfront information prices, schedules etc, only for the bigger international meetings hence cannot post anything say within 2- 3 days of the event happening,
    This is not a Thai thing you will find in the UK any racing at club or National level gets any mention in the media & it is often down to contacting the organising club or ACU or AMCA for the schedules.
    Then you will only get the dates of the event, this is why motorcycle racing at any discipline or level remains a minority sport in the world

    1. Perhaps the Buriram Times should make an offer to do the marketing for Buriram International. They might be surprised to see more fans in the stands

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