Laundry at 7/11

Convenience store 7/11 are rolling out yet another new service in Bangkok this week – laundry and dry cleaning.

The 24 hour service is expected to expand up-country in the middle of next year.

But price lists posted in shops itemized only certain things creating confusion about what laundry might be turned down.

Customers can bring their clothes and shoes in for the relevant laundry and dry cleaning. They can collect next day.

If items are not collected within three days an SMS is sent and there is home delivery. (It was not specified in the Spring News Network if that would involve a surcharge).

Signs in English proclaim “Wash-Dryer-Iron” a translation of “sak-ob-reet” that means laundry.

Another promotes “dryclean” or sak-haeng in Thai.

A high quality regulated service is guaranteed. Spring News called it a bright idea that is a collaboration between CP All the owners of 7/11 and Cleanmate Co Ltd who will offer the service.

Example prices for laundry with the promotion price in brackets are:

Shirts, Towels, Jeans: 30 (27)

Bed sheets: 150 (135)

Duvets and all covers: 349 (314)

For dry cleaning:

Shirts 110 (99)

Sneakers 350 (314)

Leather jackets and

Overcoats 450 (405)

Other more personal items such as underwear were not listed.

The 7/11 laundry  now includes Asoke, Silom Soi 9, Din Daeng and Viphawadee Soi 64. Some 80% of 7/11s will have the service in the New Year.

The service will reach the provinces in the middle of 2019 said a press statement.

Thaivisa notes that the ubiquitous 7/11 stores in Thailand led the way in offering services like bill payments and ready meals.

The store is constantly looking at new services such as doing government business.

A famous Thaivisa April 1st spoof some years ago claimed that the store was offering 90 day reporting. Years on Thaivisa continues to receive search inquiries and social media messages asking if that was really true.

(Source   springnews.co.th/social)

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