Swede wounds Brit on Koh Chang (Photo:-Markinson Facebook)

Reports are coming in about a knife attack on a British man in Koh Chang. Pictures showed a man lying in a pool of blood and others showed apparent knife wounds to the man’s back, neck, chest and arm.

He had been hospitalized in the attack that took place six weeks ago according to the post.

A man using the name of Dick Markinson went on his Facebook page to show pictures of wounds he said were sustained in an attack by a Swedish man he called “Fredrick”.

The assailant is believed to have gone to court and been set free on bail after being ordered to pay damages. Mr Markinson described him as dangerous and said he should be behind bars.

Mr Markinson’s Facebook page lists him as coming from Stone, Stoke-on-Trent.

He is listed as self employed and living in Bangkok.

The Dog House Beach Bar in Koh Chang was mentioned though it is not confirmed that the attack happened there.

Thaivisa are trying to get in touch with the victim to verify the details of the post.

In comments he indicated that he had received some assistance from the British government.

The full text of his post is as follows:

“I was attacked by knife 16 times while I slept about 6 weeks ago. They arrested Fredrick a Swedish guy and we went to court weeks later after I was out of hospital, he pleaded guilty and the judge said he should pay 150,000 baht damages and he would be sentenced in five months.

Last Thursday police asked me to sign evidence regarding the knife, and next day he was out on bail, and I found out police will give paperwork I didn’t understand to free him tomorrow to courts. Something was fake or cheating, he is dangerous and needs to be kept away from. I’m fighting legally and hope he ends up back where he should be. 

Time for the real story”.

(Source:-Dick Markinson Facebook)

By Juninho