It’s probably fair to say one British tourist probably didn’t want to be on camera when he was made to apologize to a tuk-tuk driver with whom he got into a fight with after the driver was unable to find him a ladyboy.

According to reports the unidentified British man and his companion had been driving around for several hours while on the hunt for a ladyboy in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

A video surfaced online of a blond British man making an apology to the driver after police were called in following the confrontation which left the Brit with a ripped vest top and the police struggling to contain their laugher after they de-escalated the situation.

In the video the man can be seen going through his wallet to present some money as an apology and he says “I Just wanted to see a ladyboy, that’s all, I’m sorry.”

With 80 US dollars handed over to the tuk tuk driver for the fare and means of an apology the driver takes his leave with a smile on his face having earned nearly half his months wage in one night and the unidentified Brit probably cursing the day camera phones were invented.


By Juninho