British Man Survives Three Days In The Jungle After Fall From Waterfall

British man survives fall and three days in the jungle.

A British man who fell down a waterfall In Koh Samui was found on Wednesday after being missing in the jungle for three days.

Gerrard Greenhoff, 38, broke his leg in the fall, but managed to survive by drinking stream water until he was found.

A local in the area spotted his motorbike parked near a path that led to the Khun Sri falls.

The bike’s license plates were then run and they determined that the bike belonged to the missing British man.

It took a search team several hours to find him as the area was very remote.

When teams eventually found the man he was suffering from exhaustion as he had not eaten anything for three days and drank only stream water.

It took the medical teams over two hours to bring the man up a steep path from where they found him.

He was then taken to Koh Samui Hospital; doctors have said that he was in a serious condition but responding to treatment.


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