British Man’s Sad Farewell To His Young Thai Wife Electrocuted At Songkran Foam Party

Michael and Supaporn before she was tragically electrocuted.(Photo:Michael Beddoes, Facebook)

A British man has gone on Facebook to bid a sorrowful farewell to his young wife who was electrocuted at a foam party in Baan Dung, Udon Thani over Songkran.

Supaporn Beddoes died on the night of April 12 while she was at a Songkran party in Baan Dung. According to her mother, Duangchai Saengchart, 47, the event organizer allegedly used damaged wires and only offered THB200,000 to compensate her daughter’s life, claiming they didn’t have any more money.

Duangchai said Supaporn was the main provider for the family, and her daughter was supposed to move to England to start a life with her husband after the Songkran holiday.

Baan Dung police have collected forensic evidence and will charge event organizers for their reckless actions which led to the death of another person.

Following the sad news, Supaporn’s husband Michael Beddoes posted a Facebook status to express his grief: “I miss her so much. Will be in my heart forever. RIP, teerak [darling].”

Apparently, the family are unhappy that the organizers of the event where she died had offered the family just 20o,000 baht in compensation. Once again the question has to be asked, what price a young life ?

The organizer of the event has since gone to the dead girl’s family to beg forgiveness.

At their house was Michael Beddoes the British husband of Suphaporn Beddoes who so tragically died at the party.

Michael had flown to Thailand on hearing the news and was in tears yesterday as the stony faced parents of his young wife received Phaiboon Nilakhuha – known locally as Sia Meuk – who arrived to say sorry.

Sia Meuk said he had been organizing the event for years and nothing had gone wrong before.

Following the ceremony of forgiveness the bargaining for the value of the compensation for Suphaporn’s life began.

Sia Meuk offered 200,000 baht but this was rejected by Duangjai Saengchart, 47, and Thienchai Wannawiset, 53, the mother and father.

They asked for one million baht to settle the matter.

Sia Meuk said he had no insurance and not enough money but as the negotiations dragged on he finally offered half a million.

But the parents stuck to their ground and said that they would take the matter to court.

It was therefore left unresolved.

(Source:Coconuts and Thai Rath))

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