Buri Ram Neighbourhood Terrorised By ‘Drug Fiend’s’ Daily Rampages



Residents of Buri Ram’s Khaen Dong district have for two years been living in fear of an alleged drug fiend who goes berserk after 5pm almost every day.


In the evening, Prasit Toomram, 35, will grab his slingshot and begin firing rocks at people and their property, said locals.


So far, he has damaged cars in the area and crippled several of the neighbourhood’s dogs. He has been arrested multiple times but police have been unable to detain him for long because the charges have been minor, locals said.


Ruangnapha Vandamma, 23, said 20 households are suffering under this man’s daily rampages and “they have basically curfewed themselves for two years after 5pm”.


Locals believe Prasit takes some kind of drug that causes him to lose control. They have asked authorities to find a long-term solution as they are afraid that he might eventually go further than just hurting dogs.


(Source: – The Nation)

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