After a morning business meeting in the centre of Bangkok I was at a loose end with an afternoon to kill, so being a keen angler I decided to treat myself to a few hours at the world famous “Bungsamram” fishing park. The park is in the  Bungkum area which is about a 40 minute taxi ride, dependant on the traffic, from the Sukumvit area and will cost approximately 300 baht. The full address is   21/596 Soi Navamin 42 Navamin Rd | Bungkum Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240.

Robson Green Filming at Bungsamram

The water, spanning 20 acres, is 7 metres deep and has a boardwalk which spans the lake and splits it into ¼, ¾ sections. Most of the anglers fish from this boardwalk. There are chalets along one side which have their own private fishing platforms and can be rented for the day, 9am to 9pm or for 24 hours. They range from a one- roomed bamboo shack at 800 baht to a 2 bedroomed fully air- conditioned chalet for 4000 baht a night. The park has a large restaurant with good, reasonably priced food and drink which can also be ordered while fishing for those who don’t want to miss a moment. There are two fishing tackle shops with a vast selection of lures and equipment and it also has a massage salon to ease the tired muscles after a hard day of fighting fish.

As is usual in Thailand, the Farangs always pay more so an average day’s fishing will cost 4100 baht .This includes all tackle e.g. bait ,rods, reels ,nets and terminal tackle . It also includes a guide, which I always take as they are expert in the mixing of bait ,setting up the tackle and landing any fish you may catch. They will also take the photos of you holding that trophy fish. One bucket of bait should last about 3 hours depending on the catch rate but you can always ask for more if you’re feeling strong. You can of course use your own gear if you want to save a few baht but make sure your tackle is up to the task. You will need large baitrunner type reels filled with a minimum of 40lb mono or as I use 60lb braid and a 100lb shock leader is required.Your rod should be short and at least 50lb class

On my trip here I caught 5 fish, all Mekong catfish ranging from 18 kilos to 32 kilos. Please be aware that these fish are very hard fighting fish and trying to land a 30 kilo fish can be back- breaking work, with the fight  lasting  20 minutes or more. The highlight of the day for me was the witnessing of a 50 kilo plus Siamese Carp being landed by a Chinese visitor.

Article written by Buriram Angling Club Chairman John MacDonald

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