Winners of the club competition Jason and Na.

Last Friday saw the first competition of 2017 for the Buriram Angling Club which was held at “Da Fishing Park” a popular venue with seven available members of the angling club turning up. They found the pond already pegged out by Gary and his wife Da which was much appreciated.

The draw for pegs was made and the angling commenced around 9 am.

The fishing was steady with most catching a mixture of Pla Nin, Pla Sawi, Pla Dook and Pla Tabtim. After a continuous eight hours of fishing the Chairman Jimmy (Proprietor of the Sports Café in Buriram) called for lines to be drawn in at 5pm and the weighing commenced.

The Angling Club’s finest.


Winner for the most fish caught:

1st Jason with 23 fish.

Joint 2nd with 16 fish apiece was Alan and John Mac.

3rd John Noble with 13 fish .

4th Na with 13 fish.

5th Chairman Jimmy with 8 fish.

6th Oivind with 2 fish.

Winner for the heaviest bag.

1stNa with 5.77kg.

2nd John Mac with 4.62kg.

3rdJason with 4.47kg.

4thAlan with 3.88kg.

5thJohn Nobel with 2.30kg.

6thJimmy with 0.82kg.

7th Oivind with 0.60kg.

Jason was presented with the “Buriram Times” trophy and Na won the case of beer donated by Jimmy’s Sports Café.

A good day was had by all with the fishing not being taken too seriously and plenty of good banter being passed up and down the pegs. The day ended with everyone looking forward to the next club outing. Many thanks, to Gary and Da for doing a great job of looking after the Buriram Angling Club Members.

Relaxing at the pegs!

For further Information regarding “Buriram Angling Club” please contact the Chairman Jimmy at his fantastic Sports Café in Buriram

Report by John MacDonald, Angling correspondent for the Buriram Times.