Beautiful Buriram

I’m proud to have been affiliated to the Buriram Group for the last 7 years. I’ve witnessed the continued growth and investment in Buriram – not least the impressive race track and football stadium. The video shown below ‘Tourism booms in Buriram with room for more investment” highlights this expansion. There has never been a better time to do business in Buriram.

I’m a web developer and have been involved with setting up their websites and getting them to the top of online Buriram searches.

Google ‘Buriram News’, ‘Buriram Property’ , ‘Buriram Car Hire’ and  ‘Buriram Project Management’. You’ll see us at the top.

Most people used to look in the local papers for businesses near them. Now over 80% of customers look online first. I  help businesses get dominance over their local online searches – meaning they get 80% of the available customers.

That translates to more sales for any business.

Growth in Buriram
Lots of Growth in Buriram!

Buriram Times advertising partners are in a unique position in the area and we are now opening up an even wider range of opportunities. Readership figures have never been higher and our reach within the area is impressive.

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