Buriram Family Gang Planned To Take “Ice” In The Sardines To Japan


Picture: Thai Rath


Thai police rounded up three members of a Buriram family at Don Muang airport as one of them planned to take a trip to Japan.


About one kilogram of “ice” (methamphetamine) was found wrapped in blue copy paper and contained within plastic bags in ten cans of sardines.


Arrested at the departure terminal were Patraporn or “Mai”, 33, her elder brother Mananchai or “Mork”, 43, and his wife Maneeploiphailin or “Na”, 44. They are all from Buriram in Thailand’s north east.


An informant had given the cops a tip about a woman travelling to Japan with “ice”.


Mai was traced to the Wuttakat area of the capital then to Huay Khwang where she met her brother and his wife who had the drugs. They then all went to the airport.


They had a female Thai contact in Japan who would pay the married couple 20,000 baht and the mule 50,000 baht.


This was the second time they had done it – the first time they got away with five tins of fish containing drugs.


Police said that the cost of the “ice” in Thailand was 800,000 baht but would be worth 20 times that if it had reached Japan.


All three suspects were charged with possession of a Class 1 drug with intention to distribute.


(Source:  – Thai Rath)

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