Buriram Golf Society President’s Day On December 1

President’s Day competitors.

Buriram Golf Society’s President Peter Dempsey held his President’s Day competition on Friday, December 1 at Khao Kradong golf course.

It was a four-ball-better-ball format, ie doubles with the better score for the pair to count on each hole. (hence the title).

The teams were drawn from two pots, low handicap in one, higher in the other. The scoring was remarkably high as there was quite a strong wind blowing.


Michael Olssen + Jimmy Green. 45pts

Winners, Mike and Jimmy.

Tony Murphy. + Lynn Thompson. 42pts
Peter Bourne. + Peter Dempsey. 41pts
Keith Wood + Alex Lowe. 41pts
Magnus Sundgren + Ian McRobbie. 41pts
Tommy Jackson + Peter Dempsey. 39pts
Martin Moyle.+ Kevin Musgrove. 35pts
Bill Warren+ Mike Picard. 35pts
Dutch Holland+ Tonny Denmark. 35pts
Colin Bradwell + Peter Thripp. 35pts
Malcolm McKay+ Carsten Vind. 34pts
Rene Nicole+ Owen Simpson. 32pts

Yes, the President did play with two partners as there was an odd number of entrants.(Don’t ask !)

Nearest the pins:-

Owen Simpson.

Owen receives his nearest-the-pin prize.

Mike Picard


Mike getting his prize.

Alex Lowe

Alex accepting his prize.

Peter Bourne was also a nearest-the-pin winner but due to shyness and a retiring nature declined to be photographed.

Drinks and a meal were had after the golf at Paddy’s Irish Bar.Thanks to Michael and Lin who served up a delicious beef stew with roast potatoes , Yorkshire pudding and vegetables.

A very enjoyable day, with some excellent golf being played. Thank you Mr. President !


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