Buriram Golf Society Texas Scramble A Tight Affair

Golf enthusiasts one and all.

The Buriram Golf Society held their first Texas Scramble of the year at Khao Kradong Golf Course on Friday May 12. Eight teams took part, 7 three-man teams and 1 four-man team.

There should have been another team taking part but they failed to show up with no notification. Disappointing.

As usual it was a shotgun 8am start thanks to to the generous sponsorship of Captain Colin Bradley and his vice-captain Keith Wood. Sponsorship is needed for a shotgun start as the golf course charge 5,000bht to close the course until midday. Again, disappointing considering the considerable support the society gives to the course.

For those not familiar with Texas Scrambles the format works like this:-

Every player drives off, then the best shot is selected and everyone then plays their own ball from the position of the selected shot. This continues until the ball is holed.

In the three-man teams each player must have three drives selected,the four-man it is two.

Each team is allotted a handicap and the stableford scoring system is used.

The scores were very close with only 5 points separating 1st place to 7th.

The course was in good condition,(for Khao Kradong) thanks to the recent downpours and everyone as ever enjoyed a great morning’s golf.


1. Rod Young, Malcom McKay and Peter Thripp      44pts (after card play-off)

2.Peter Dempsey, Tony Murphy and Magnus Sundgren.      44pts


Tony, Peter and Magnus.

3. Pedro, Tonny Johnk and John MacDonald       42pts (after card play-off)


Tonny, John and Pedro.

4. Mike Picard, Martin Moyle and Keith Wood    42pts (after card play-off)


Martin, Keith and Mike.


5. Colin Bradwell, Peter Hughes and Alex Low     42pts

Peter, Colin and Alex.


6. Peter Bourne, Greg Miles and Vince Murray     40pts


Vince, Greg and Peter.


7. Graham Dresser, Roger Ribbins, Tommy Jackson and Mike Olsson    39pts

Graham, Roger, Tommy and Mike.


8. Dutch Holland, Lynn Thompson and Bill Clark         34pts


Bill, Lynn and Dutch.

There were two nearest the pin awards:-

Keith Wood presenting Colin Bradwell with his prize for nearest the pin on the 1st&10th.


Keith presenting Peter Dempsey with his prize for nearest the pin on the 6th&15th.


Captain Colin Bradwell with two of the winners, Peter Thripp and Rod Young.

The presentation was held at the Tulip Hotel (Muang Pizza)  and Siebo and his staff put on a superb hot and cold buffet . It really was of the highest quality and rounded off perfectly a wonderful day of golf and camaraderie.

Thanks to the committee of the Buriram Golf Society for all their hard work , it is much appreciated.


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