Buriram Golf Society held the first round of their version of the Ryder Cup this morning.

The teams were UK+1 v The Rest of the World.

This round was four-ball-better-ball matchplay.

UK+1                                                               Rest of the World

Colin Bradwell & Peter Thripp lost 1up to Mike Picard & Martin Moyles

Peter Dempsey & Tommy Jackson won 6&5 v Peter Bourne & Lynn Thompson

Jimmy Green & Graham Dresser won 2&1 v Brian Mullins (partner didn’t turn up)

Mike Olsson & Peter Hughes lost 6&4 v Bill Warren & Owen Simpson

Keith Wood & Alex Low lost 8&6 v Rod Young &Dutch Holland

Ten singles games will be played on Friday with the Rest of the World leading 3-2.

All to play for !

By Juninho

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