If you didn’t know already, the name Buri Ram actually means city of happiness. Buriram is located in the North East area of Thailand, affectionately known as Isaan.

One of the Provinces most famous attractions is the awe inspiring Phanom Rung temple.

It’s Thailand’s equivalent to Stonehenge. With amazing astronomical  alignments and a fascinatingly ancient history, it attracts visitors from all over Asia.

buriram city

 Having said that, Buriram province and especially Buriram city or ‘Muang Buriram’ are vibrant attractions in their own right.

Buriram is Isaan through and through – the people, the food, and the music all have distinct qualities that make people fall in love with the area.

Over the last few years the center of Buriram city has seen significant refurbishment . Elegant parks have been created and pretty pathways with blossom trees created around the waterways to produce a truly beautiful town center.

Investment is also being put into in infrastructure, hotels, racing tracks, and a water park; all aimed at bringing more people to the area. So Buriram is very much on the up.

Despite change happening, Buriram still retains its genuine Thai feel. It hasn’t been altered in any significant way by western visitor influence. For sure there are foreign restaurants and bars, however, the city hasn’t lost any of it’s true Thai character.

Thai noodle shops serve delicious ‘Moo Daeng’ (Charsui pork) in the evening or day time and there are literally hundreds of little rustic restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for some spicy hot papaya salad, fried rice, barbecued chicken or any of your Thai favourites, you will never have to go far.

Right in the city center there’s a night food market serving just about any local Thai food you can imagine.

If you’re a western food enthusiast, don’t worry, there’s plenty of that available also. A range of restaurants, resorts and bars more than adequately cater to the foreigner in town.

Many Thai activities are happening around the city also. Street carnivals and parades are often seen in different parts of the town.

Two major Thai festivals are celebrated to their fullest in the city center. The amazingly eye catching loy krathong fetsival, where thousands of lit up lanterns are released into the sky, happens right in the heart of the city.

Songkran festival (Thai new year) see’s cars and pick up trucks bumper to bumper throughout the city. All the while water is being thrown, people are dancing and its all one big carnival atmosphere. You can pop up to i-moblie football stadium where a gigantic free party takes place for two full days.

Overall Buriram is a great place to live. It’s modernising and increasing its facilities and infrastructure all the time. Never the less, while doing so, its holding on to its traditional values and keeping its feet firmly on the ground.