Buriram Man Just Can’t Do Without His “Plaa Raa” – Even Though There Was A Snake In It!

Thai caption: Snake comes out of the “plaa raa” (fermented fish)
You either love it or you hate it – it’s a bit like Marmite or Vegemite!
We are talking about fermented fish or what the Thais call “plaa raa”.
Many people, especially those from the north east or Isaan region, view the noxious and smelly substance as an essential part of one of the country’s national dishes called Som Tam (papaya salad).
But some people hate the taste even asking for the mortar and pestle to be washed in between the making of different versions of the dish.
One man who swears by his “plaa raa” is Theerawut from the Nong Hong district of Buriram in the north east.
Sanook reported that Theerawut was making his own Som Tam and had put in his chilli, garlic and other ingredients and now came the moment to put in the best ingredient of all. The fermented fish.
He tipped the packet that he had bought from his favorite supplier and was shocked when a 40 centimeter dead snake popped out. He reckoned it was a baby one and had no idea what species it was.
Still, he wasn’t going to let his Som Tam go to waste. He picked out the serpent and went ahead with making his dish and enjoying it to the full.
The package it came from advertised the product as “Aroi” and “Sa-art” on the side – Delicious and Clean.
Anyone for Som Tam?
(Source: – Sanook)

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