John enjoying his day at Buriram Monster Fishing Park.

Buriram Times angling correspondent John MacDonald was invited by the owner of the Buriram Monster Fishing Park Mr. Wyn to sample a day and night’s fishing at his park and discover what the park had to offer the visiting angler in the way of amenities and service. The park is in the Lam Plai Mat district near Salaeng Phan and is about 12 kilometres from Buriram city.

I arrived at the park on Tuesday afternoon around 4 pm and was warmly welcomed by Mr Wyn and his associate Mr Go.  Mr Wyn gave me a tour of the park and explained what it had to offer. The lake is 5 rai in area , is 5 metres at its deepest and is very natural in appearance.

Mr Wyn and Mr Go

There are five fishing stations all of which are very well equipped with ample shade, electricity, seating and some even have a TV and pool table should the fishing get slow. The stations are big enough to easily accommodate 3 anglers each .

There is a beautiful wooden built chalet which is very modern and spotlessly clean which has a small kitchen, shower room, toilet and a double bed should you decide to stay for a while.

The grounds of the park are very well maintained and there is a small play park for the kids . Chilled water, soft drinks and beer are available at a very reasonable price though meals should be booked in advance if you decide to eat there. However, a microwave and BBQ facilities are there for your use should you want to cook your own food.

Buriram Monster Park lake

The angler can use his own tackle/baits if he/she wants, however barbless hooks must be used and the use of treble hooks is prohibited except on lures. Mr Wyn will supply the angler with tackle and baits if needed. Bread baits, live/dead baits and meat baits are available. I would recommend stiff spinning rods of about 10ft with baitrunner reels loaded with a minimum of 40lb mono or braid.

The lake is very well stocked with a large variety of species and of good sizes, which are as follows:

Red- tail catfish to 8kg ,  Mekong catfish to 60kg,   Arapaima to 60kg,   Alligator Ga to 30kg , Pacu to 5kg ,Walking Catfish to 8kg,   Siamese catfis to 30kg,   Indian carp to 10kg, Chaopaya catfish to 50kg,  Sawai to 12kg,  Emerald green catfish (these fish are very rare) to 30kg and Spotted feather backs to 8kg.

Great care should always be taken when landing, unhooking and handling the fish as they are very vulnerable to injury and are very expensive to replace.

However Mr Wyn or Mr Go will always be on hand to help and supervise and of course ALL fish are returned, there is nothing for the pot.

My day’s fishing was to prove very memorable. I at once hooked and landed a Sawai of about 3 kg on bread. Then my rod on dead bait had a run so I struck down on the fish and at once realized that I was on to something special.

After a good fight, I landed my first ever Arapaima of at least 40 kg. I then very carefully unhooked and photographed the fish before gently releasing it to fight another day.

I was using my own tackle and landed the fish using 20lb mono but I quickly changed this to 60lb braid !

And that’s the big one

As the evening progressed I managed to catch a total of 15 fish of  7 different species which included 2 Sawai catfish, 6 Red- tail catfish, 2 Siamese carp, 2 Chaopaya catfish, 1 Mekong catfish, 1 Alligator Gar and of course 1 Arapaima.

The typical costs of fishing are as follows :

1500 baht per rod per day, this includes tackle and bait provided should you require it. The chalet is 2000 baht for 2 people sharing , including 2 breakfasts.

For 2 people, 2 rods, chalet and breakfasts with 24 hour fishing, the cost is 5000 baht. If you would like to camp on the park the cost is 500 baht per tent, this includes breakfast.

Please contact Mr Wyn on +66 814702200 for more information, prices and directions.

I had an excellent time at Buriram Monster Fishing Park and will not forget my time there. I found Mr Wyn and Mr Go to be exceptionally friendly and helpful.

The park has excellent fish and facilities and is easily the best of its kind in the Buriram district. I would highly recommend this fishing venue to experienced and not so experienced anglers alike.

Report by John MacDonald