LINE used for sexual harassment of girl by PE teacher.

A Buriram mother has gone to a local school to register a complaint with the director about an abusive and manipulative PE teacher.

Armed with text message evidence of Line conversations she claims the PE teacher called “Nerm” not only assaulted her daughter for trivial rule breaking but sent her naked pictures and demanded sex.

The child is in M2 – her age was not revealed but M2 is year 9 in the British system making her a young teenager.

The mother named as Kannaphat, 33, said that she lived abroad with a foreign husband and had left her daughter in the care of a grandmother. She was in shock on coming back for a visit to find out her daughter had been hit hundreds of times at school.

The teacher also used foul language in class as he assaulted other pupils between 100 and 300 times each. The reason was that they had forgotten books or not covered them.

But worst of all was the lurid sex messages and obscene photos sent to her child through the Line application.

Other parents and relatives backed up her claims – everyone was too scared to do anything for fear of a backlash from the teacher who has continued this behaviour for about a year.

The director of the school said he was setting up a committee and that justice will prevail to all sides.

The teacher concerned was unavailable for comment. He said it was not convenient to talk right now.

The school was not named and no mention was made of police involvement.

And therein lies the problem. School authorities have shown time and time again that they are unable or unwilling to control some teachers’ conduct. This appears to be a case that the police SHOULD be involved in.

I have lost count of the number of cases of violent conduct by teachers I have covered. This is not “discipline”, it is assault, plain and simple. Punishment for those found guilty should be lengthy jail sentences to send out a clear message to the sadists who are violating children.

Any form of sexual harassment by a teacher is a serious offence too and should also carry a serious punishment.


By Juninho