The Buriram Times have been “reliably informed” that the new and long anticipated Immigration Office will officially open on Monday 3rd October 2016.

It will be located at the Buriram Provincial offices just out of town.

The directions are, head out of town past the I-mobile Stadium until you get to the traffic lights, turn left and proceed to the top of the hill and you cannot miss the impressive Government Administration Building on your left. We are informed that the Immigration Office is on the third floor.

The Buriram Universities and Schools have informed their foreign professors and teachers that they should register at the new Immigration Office.

It should have opened in August but could not manage the deadline due to computer link up problems with Bangkok. We trust that Monday’s opening will take place as predicted.



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  1. I think a word I learned from HiSchool applies here.
    It is ‘asymptoticly’. (If I remember it correctly) It means ‘always approching-getting closer but never quite getting there.

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