Buriram: Senior Policeman Guns Down Ex-Wife And Friends In Crowded Restaurant – Wife Critical Others Dead

Picture: Sanook
Sanook reported on a shocking incident at a restaurant in the Non Suwan district of Buriram in the north east of Thailand around 8 pm on Sunday night.
In front of startled diners and other members of the public, senior sergeant major Aram, 44, shot his former wife Nujarin, 42.
The nurse at Non Suwan hospital is in a critical condition in Buriram Hospital.
Aram also used his 9 mm gun to shoot Jaran and his wife Somkhit, friends of his ex-wife. They were both killed.
It is understood that all three shooting victims were co-owners in the restaurant. The shooter was reported as believing that his ex had had an affair with Jaran.
Aram gave himself up to Non Suwan police after the incident. He was denied bail and placed on suicide watch.
He has been charged with premeditated murder. He was being interviewed on Monday because he was in no fit state to face questions on Sunday night.
Sanook went to the house of the couple who were killed. This was in the village of Ban Noi Ubon in Non Suwan sub-district.
Phaitoon, 63, Jaran’s mother had failed to come to terms with the loss of her son and daughter-in-law.
She said they were breadwinners of the family and now their two boys were orphaned and she would have to look after them.
She said that she had no idea about an affair between her son and Nujarin and called for the law to take its course.
Jaran’s elder sister Chalee,46, also had no idea about an affair though she said that the three victims were all co-owners of the restaurant and that the shooting was not likely to have been a dispute over the restaurant.
Aram was denied bail due to the shocking nature of the crime and fears he would be involved in witness tampering.
(Soure: – Sanook)

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