John Deere tractors at the agricultural show.


The Buriram Agricultural and Technical College this week have an interesting exhibition at the college grounds. The event is proving most popular and the college has been supported by most of the leading agricultural manufactures of tractors and agricultural machinery.

Combine harvester


The opening day (Sunday) was most impressive with the Mayor of Buriram in attendance along with the leading government, police and army dignitaries of the province.

Visitors have come from far and wide and the students have been encouraged to expand their knowledge and also enjoy themselves.

Agricultural machinery


The event was most interesting and informative and also had a relaxing festive atmosphere with many food stalls and street vendors. There was also an entertaining live music band on stage with the audience seated (appropriately) on very comfortable straw bales.

Live entertainment


Our two hour visit was most enjoyable and the “Buriram Times” were made most welcome.

Crop wheels


If you have an interest in farming in Thailand, it is worth a visit. However, the show finishes today January 18. It is unfortunate that we were not able to report on it earlier.