Buriram Stages The Thailand Six Hour Endurance Race This Sunday

Endurance race

The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand has their second fixture of this great event at the Chang International Circuit this weekend

The race starts at 12:30pm  on Sunday and will finish at 6:30pm. The outcome of the six hour race is determined by the team that completes the most laps over the six hour period. To add to the logistic problems, each driver is only allowed a maximum of 45 minutes  at the wheel at a time and if any driver exceeds the 45 minutes, a lap will be deducted from the team’s total for each minute that they overrun the 45.

Champion driver Thomas Raldorf is here with us again with co-driver Tony Percy who has raced with Thomas  for several years.

Thomas on the left of photo

Thomas and team

Practice went well for the team, and they are looking good for the race.

The series is called the RAAT 6 hour Thailand Endurance Championship. Another great day ahead for motor racing fans at our International Circuit here in Buriram.


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