Buriram Teacher Who Repeatedly Raped Underage Teen Is Now Threatening Her Again Say Parents

Teacher raped minor. (Photo:-Manager)

The case of rape against a Buriram teacher involved with a M3 student has taken new twists.

Back in February – as shown in our picture – police raided a resort room where they rescued the student who was there with the teacher.

He was given bail on charges of raping a minor under 15 and depriving the parents of that person of their daughter.

Now Techa Thapthong of the help group “Because We Care” has taken the parents of the teen to Nang Rong police to say that the teacher has sent someone to threaten them.

They also say that the teacher proposed through a lawyer that he marries the victim to end the matter.

Authorities are yet to decide if the matter will go through the courts.

The teacher was working at a primary school at the time of the assaults that went on over a period of two years.

Times comment:- Why is this man not already serving a long custodial sentence? Obviously, he is a danger to young girls and should be rotting in the worst prison that can be found !


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