Yours truly celebrating Middlesbrough’s return to the Premiership. No more of that for a while !

As many readers will be aware, every October in the UK thousands of people join in the “Sober For October” challenge on Facebook social media. The idea is that someone agrees to give up alcohol for a month and tries to get sponsors to donate to their chosen charity.

I (Graham Dresser) have (foolishly?) taken up this challenge and I am hoping that friends and families from all over the world will assist me. It wasn’t difficult for me to choose my “worthy cause” as so many friends and immediate family have been affected by the dreaded cancer.

I have chosen Prostate Cancer UK as my father has had it, my uncle died from it last year and now his son has recently been diagnosed. Hopefully, I will get some sponsors from the Buriram area as well, so I have decided to set up a separate fund for the cancer ward at Buriram Hospital if people feel that would be more pertinent to them.

Another reason is that the hospital were wonderful as our good friend Neil Cameron neared the end in May. For people locally I will shortly be armed with sponsor forms or when(?) I have completed my mission I will write a report along with a link where people can donate direct.

October will never be the same, roll on NOVEMBER !!!!


By Juninho

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