London Steak at night.

London Steak has been open for several months and has already established a reputation with both farang and Thais for excellent food at remarkably affordable prices.

Owners Clayton and Apple work hard to maintain the standard of the food , whilst keeping costs to the customer at a minimum.

Owner Clayton.


His wife Apple.

The ground floor of the restaurant can seat 55 diners, including a few tables outside.

Ground floor.

There is another room on the first floor which can also seat 55 people.

First floor.

The staff is made up of family members who reside on the premises. This ensures there is stability as well as loyalty, something which is important in the restaurant business.

The staff.

The menu for both western and Thai food is extensive, so much so that choosing is no easy task.

Just one example of the extensive menu.
Burger anyone?

There is also a wide selection of bottled beers,wines and spirits, highly competitively priced, with regular promotions.

Naturally, there is also a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

Private parties of 25 to 50 are also catered for and all dishes can be ordered on line with free home delivery.

A large tv screen is installed and major sporting events (Premiership football, Grand Prix etc) can be shown.

Opening hours (7days) are 7.30am to 11pm, with the first floor open from 2pm to 11pm.

The restaurant is closed on the 1st and 16th of every month.

For more information visit London Steak, Buriram on Facebook or contact them direct @LondonSteakBuriram.

The address is 37/13-14 Thani Road. Same road that the Bamboo Bar is on but on the other side, just past the second set of traffic lights after the Bamboo, going towards the bus station.


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