Carnage On The Thai Roads: More Than 8,000 Dead So Far This Year

Daily News reported that the carnage continues on the Thai Roads.


This month alone has claimed 645 lives so far with 40 dying yesterday.


Since the start of the year the total is 8,220.


Daily News is running a campaign to raise awareness. They caution that the statistics are just for those that die at the scene of accidents.


The actually death toll is believed to be around 50% higher when all stats are reported and when deaths at hospitals are taken into consideration.


An anti drink driving activist recently put the toll at about 24,000 to 26,000 a year, Thaivisa notes.


Yesterday 3 people were killed and six injured when a Nissan Navara carrying 9 workers in the back crashed into an 18 wheel truck parked on the road leading into Chantaburi in Muang district, eastern Thailand.


The driver blamed the rain, a faulty steering wheel and his brakes.


(Source: – Daily News)

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