Chang International Circuit To House People Flouting Self-Quarantine Rule



Veteran politician Newin Chidchob posted on his Facebook page that Buriram officials have prepared the Chang International Circuit as a special place for stubborn people who need home quarantine but still venture outside.


Buriram officials announced that those who ignore the 14-day self-quarantine guideline will be housed at the motorsport race track building until their quarantine period is complete, starting from the day they are brought in.


People who return from high-risk areas or those in the “sensitive” group – like seniors and kids – have to register to stay home for 14 days, separate personal utensils from other family members, and keep from  going out in public. Registrants will be installed with a tracking system; if they venture 50 metres from their homes, the gadget will set off a warning alarm. If the registrants ignore this warning signal, they will be forced to undergo state quarantine.


The officials apologised to Buriram residents for any inconvenience.


(Source: – The Nation)

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