How To Change A Green Book On A Vehicle In Thailand

Green book for vehicle ownership.

Ok so you’ve made the move and are living here in Thailand and the time has come to sort out some transportation for yourself. Now for those of you with the money to buy a brand new car or motorbike this won’t really apply to you but for those buying a second hand vehicle there’s quite a bit of red tape involved with transferring ownership of the vehicle to your name.

Here are a quick tips to guide you on how to get it done in Thailand to make the whole process as easy and painless as possible.

Ok so you have found a second hand car or bike you like and agreed a price and all is good. Where do you need to go from there? Firstly before you go to pick up the vehicle both you and the current owner will need several documents.

Yourself : The first thing you need to do is go to your Immigration Office and get a residency certificate to prove your address here in Thailand and this in itself involves filling in a form which can be obtained from  Immigration. You will need copies of your passport, and either your landlord or signed copies of their house-book and ID card.

Usually, there are people are on hand who will for a small donation help with filling in the paperwork and make copies of any needed documentation. The certificate itself will cost you around 300 baht.

Ok so once you have the residence certificate and copies of your Visa and main passport page both of which you have signed, that is all of your documents sorted.

What you need from them:

If you’re buying from a Thai citizen you will need proof of their address and a copy of their ID card, again both signed.

If they are a foreign national they will need all of the same documentation as yourself including the residency certificate from Immigration.

Important notes: The residency certificate is only valid until their next visa renewal so make sure it is in date when it’s time to hand in all of the documentation, if it is out of date they will not accept it.

The current owner also needs to sign a specific form issued by the government so before handing over the cash and exchanging keys, go get the form in advance and take it with you or you will be asked to go get it signed once you try and register the vehicle as the new owner.

It is a good idea beforehand to find out where you can register your vehicle in your name in the area you live.

Important note:-

Make sure you both sign all the forms in the same coloured ink (blue or black). Both of you should take care with your signatures so that they don’t vary too much from signature to signature. They are inspected closely.

Ok so you have got all of the documents signed and exchanged cash and keys and are off to hand it all over to put the vehicle in your name.

Important note:-

Wherever you choose to transfer ownership of the vehicle, make CERTAIN that you take the vehicle with you.

Now the price will vary depending on where the vehicle was last registered and this will also affect how long it will take for the green book to come back in your name. If it was last registered outside of your current province it will cost more and take longer.

Now if you want to tax the vehicle this can be done at the same time as the transfer of ownership and you will also be required to purchase the government mandated insurance.

The price of tax and transfer of ownership will vary depending on the size of the engine of your car or bike. But as an example, a 110 cc Honda Air blade will set you back about 1300 baht to transfer ownership and tax and government insurance for the year roughly another 500 baht.

Important note:-

If the vehicle has not been taxed for over a year, you will have to pay a fine before it can be taxed again. The amount will vary, depending on the vehicle.

Once all the forms have been paid you will be instructed to return the following day after 4pm to collect your tax and insurance and the new green book will be issued within 10-15 days. Again you will need to go and collect it, it may take longer if the vehicle was previously registered out of province.

They will issue you with a photocopy of the old green book until the new one comes through and it’s best to keep the copy in your vehicle in case you are pulled over by police.


The above information has been provided by an independent source and the Buriram Times do not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy.


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