Check Your Beds After Small Boy Is Almost Blinded By Millipede

Millipede releases poison in boy’s eye.

A mother has told Thai media that her son was lucky not to be blinded after a millipede deposited poison in his eye.

Anchana Kaiphet was woken in the night by the screams of her infant who could not open his eye and had yellow fluid in it.

Under a pillow she found a large curled up millipede.

It is a familiar creature in Thailand that the Thais call “ging geu”.

She rushed her son to hospital where doctors said it was fortunate that the poison from the creature had not entered the iris as it can cause blindness.

Doctors said that millipedes have an acid like substance that they use as a defense mechanism. The strength of the poison depends on the species of millipede.

They suspected that the child had turned over in the night and laid on top of the millipede causing it to release the poison.

Mum Anchana warned people to check their beds and those of their children for the creatures to avoid the same thing happening to them.

The incident happened about six weeks ago and though her son was in great discomfort for a week he has now fully recovered.

(Source:- Sanook)

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