The Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, captured little Kham Lha racing to the aid of Darrick Thomson, the co-founder of the foundation and one of her most favourite people ever.

Darrick was swimming in the river and called out to her on the shore.  The young elephant interpreted his calls as distress cries (although he was totally fine ).

Kham Lha charged through the water, sheltering him with her body and offering her trunk for him to hold on to. Crisis averted.

It is understood that Darrick helped rescue Kham La and her mother Bai Teoy in 2015 and brought them to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai where this great video was taken.

Since Darrick rescued Kham La, he has spent time with her, helping to heal the mental anguish she suffered. Through the obvious affection he has shown to her , he has been able to form a strong bond. This has resulted in Darrick also being accepted as part of her herd.

The foundation has rescued more than 70 elephants, most of them elderly or physically handicapped. They allow the elephants to roam free and form bonds among themselves.

Roaming free in their natural environment

Their mission is a simple one: They believe that if they treat animals with love, the animal will repay them with love too

These gentle giants, while revered in Thailand, are not free from abuse. Every day wild baby elephants are captured and taken away from their mothers and forced to undergo a tortuous training, called the phajaan, to domesticate them.

However the Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai provides a sanctuary for these magnificent animals. There are no tricks, no rides and no elephant paintings can be bought. They are just allowed to roam free in a natural environment.

Credit: CNN and Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park.