Director says corporal punishment is ok. (Photo:-Sanook)

The director of a Chonburi school has told the Thai media that assault against children at school is perfectly ok.

It is to keep them in line. This is despite the practice being illegal.

Director Samrerng at a Ban Bung school spoke out after an online clip went viral on Thai social media.

The clip showed a stick being used. An aunt of a boy complained that her nephew only came to class late because he was helping another teacher.

School authorities scurried for cover after the clip surfaced. It only came to light after the aunt shared it after the incident happened in July.

The director said the class was an unruly one. The children and parents all knew what sanctions would be used. The children could be hit two,three or even five times for various infractions including coming in late.

A local sergeant had been in the school to discuss the situation.

Alumnus said it was not a violent school though punishments of this kind went on.

Corporal punishment was supposed to have been outlawed in Thai schools but the practice is still widespread.

The really worrying aspect of this incident is the force with which the punishment was administered. The children could have been severely injured which is totally unacceptable.

Corporal punishment is an emotive subject. It is banned in most countries but there is still a feeling, particularly among the older generations that it’s removal is the cause of ill-discipline in schools.

Whether you agree with it or not, what is certain is that it is used far too often in Thai schools for trivial offences. A big part of teaching is establishing and maintaining discipline and it is up to the teacher to gain the pupils’ respect .

There is a huge difference between respect and fear and in my view, teachers who have to resort to violence to maintain order should not be in a classroom.

Corporal punishment was banned in the UK because it was being used excessively , often by teachers who actually enjoyed using it. This also appears to be the case in Thailand and the sooner these bullies are removed from the classroom the better.






By Juninho