Chula Virologist Unravels Mystery Of Global Covid Death Tolls


Dr Yong Poovorawan


A specialist in virology at Chulalongkorn University has highlighted the huge differences in Covid-19 death tolls from country to country across the globe.


Dr Yong Poovorawan said that that China had registered 200 times fewer Covid-19 deaths per million people than the US.


The area of the globe with the highest Covid-19 death toll was the Americas, with the US recording 659 deaths per million and Brazil recording 708, he added in a Facebook post on Friday.


“In Europe, the UK and Spain’s death per million people are 600 and 696, respectively,” he said.


“In Asia, India’s death toll per million people is 79 – higher than China where the Covid-19 outbreak has killed just three people per million.


“Thailand’s deaths per million people is 0.9,” he added.


Dr Yong said the huge differences in Covid-19 death tolls were due to various factors, including median age of the population, Covid-19 prevention methods and DNA.


“Most Covid-19 patients are old, while the median age of Americans is definitely higher than Indians,” he said, adding that Japan’s Covid-19 death toll is only 13 people per million despite its high median age.


(Source: – The Nation)

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