Columbian suspects in custody. (Photo Apichart Jinakul)

Foreign gangsters are using their “foreign look” to aid them as they rob homes in wealthy housing estates, police warn.  Many security guards are reluctant to challenge foreigners , allowing them free-access to housing estates.

The recent arrest of two Colombian nationals has revealed how they could so easily drive past security and target houses with no one inside at the time. Add to this tricks including fake passports and false vehicle licence plates, Colombian gangsters have become a crime threat in affulent areas.

An initial investigation found the two drove a rented car into many housing estates before snatching valuables from unoccupied houses. Police have now alerted security companies nationwide of the threat posed by Colombian gangs .

A police search of the suspects’ apartment found up to 40 items of valuable  property, including expensive watches, gold necklaces and gold and diamond earrings. They were hidden in the cistern tank of a toilet.

Enquiries revealed that the pair entered Thailand as tourists on July 23. Police found they had overstayed their visas which expired on Sept 20.

Their car was acquired by the use of fake passports. The suspects forged the documents to rent the car and gave fake addresses to the car rental company.

The police also found the gangs prefer renting cars with registration plates comprising mainly numbers 1 or 3. This allows them to easily fake the numbers by adding black tape to the numbers.

Police believe other Colombian gangs are working in big centres and say the public should remain alert.

(Source: Bangkok Post)


By Juninho